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Smallpox is an acute, highly infectious disease, exanthematous major killer disease of children.

It is a human disease. Smallpox is an epidemic disease.


Variola virus.

Transmitted by droplet infection.

Incubation period 

12 days

Secondary attack 


Mortality rate


Clinical Features

Sudden attack of high fever.

3rd day- appearance of rashes + Skin eruption.

Papules+ vesicle+ pustules+ scab formation.

Leaving behind deep seated- pock marks permanently.

Itching absent.

Pitted scar.

Age- more children.

Prodromal stage 

It is a severe stage.

Temperature high

Duration- 2-4 days


1. Vaccination

Primary vaccination should be given at the age of 1-2 month.

Re- vaccination should also be given after every 3years.

Vaccination is the only weapon to the root out of small pox.

All contact of smallpox cases should be vaccinated.

2. Notification

Sometimes the case are concealed.

Notice should be sent to the nearest health authority for early preventive measures to stop the further spread.

3. Isolation

Isolated into a smallpox hospital or an isolation hospital at home with screened room, untill scales and crusts have disappear.

4. Concurrent Disinfection

Oral and discharge should be deposit in a paper bag(suitable container) and burnt away.

All clothes, articles of the patient should be sterilized.

Homoeopathic medicine for small pox

  1. Variolinum
  2. Dulcamara
  3. Natrum Mur
  4. Merc Sol
  5. Rhus Tox


It is best suited remedy for smallpox pustules.

Use for internal vaccination.

Seems to be efficacious in projecting against, modifying and aiding in the cure of small pox.

Morbid fear of small pox.

Hot fever, with intense radiating heat.

Profuse, bad-swelling sweat.

Hot dry skin.

Eruption of pustules.



It is best suited remedy for smallpox.

Vesicular eruption.

Little boils.

Humid eruption on face, hand.

Sensitive skin.

Itching, worse in cold, wet weather.

Fever with dry burning heat all over.

Chilliness towards evening, mostly in back.

Icy coldness, with pains.

Dry heat and burning of skin.

Chilliness with thirst.

Worse- at night, from cold in general, damp, rainy weather.

Better from moving about, external warmth.

Natrum Mur

Natrum Mur is very useful medicine for smallpox.

Fever blisters.

Dry eruption.

Chill between 9 and 11A.M.

Heat violent thirst increase with fever.

Coldness of body.

Continuous chilliness is very marked.

Greasy oily skin.

Effects of prolonged taking of excessive salt.

Sweats on every exertion.

Worse- warm room, tight clothing.

Merc Sol

Vesicular and pustular eruption.

Itching worse from warmth of bed.

Almost constantly moist.


Yellow perspiration.

Worse at night, wet, damp weather.

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician


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