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Homoeopathic medicine for Pyorrhea
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  •   08-May-2021

Homoeopathic medicine for Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea means purulent inflammation  of the sockets of the teeth leading usually to lossing of the teeth.  It is also called as periodonitis.


Redness of gums

Bleeding from gums

Bad breath

Sensitivity from cold and  hot.

Painful sensation in gums

Tenderness of gums

Pus formation


It is caused by bacterial  infection.

Poor dental hygiene.

Homoeopathic Medicine for Pyorrhea 

  1. Merc sol
  2. Kreosot 
  3. Staphysagria 
  4. Calendula 
  5. Plantago 

Merc sol

Merc sol is very important remedy for  Pyorrhea. 

Gum spongy,receded bleed easily.

Sore pain on touch and from chewing.

Whole mouth moist.

Fetid odor from mouth,can smell it all over room.

Teeth loose and feels tender.


Best suited remedy for  Pyorrhea. 

Bleeding and spongy gums


It is highly effective remedy for Pyorrhea. 

Gums spongy and bleeds easily.

After eating feels sleepy Pyorrhea.


This is a most remarkable healing agent, applied locally.

This is highly effective remedy for Pyorrhea.


It is best suited remedy for Pyorrhea. 

Toothache and sensitivity. 

Sore to touch.

Toothache better when eating.


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