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Homoeopathic Medicine For Iron Deficiency Anaemia
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  •   12-Nov-2020

Homoeopathic Medicine For Iron Deficiency Anaemia

This is the commonest nutritional deficiency disorder.

Most common anaemia in the world especially higher developed countries.


Decrease dietry intake.

Impaired absorption

Increase requirement

Tromic blood loss

Social economic condition

Decrease dietry intake

Vegetarian are more prone to develop iron deficiency aneamia.

In non vegetarian iron deficiency aneamia is rare.

Old age more prone to develop Anaemia due to restrict diet.

Impaired Absorption

In certain condition like chronic diarrhoea and decrease HCL causes iron deficiency anaemia.

Increase requirement

It is an important cause of iron deficiency anaemia in growing children, pregnancy, adolescence.

Children have increase requirement for growth and develop.

Social Economic Condition

The low conditions prone to develop  iron deficiency anaemia.

Infants have high risk of iron deficiency anaemia because of diet predominantly.

Chronic blood loss

Bleeding with in the tissue or cavities of the body like-

Peptic ulcer


Gastric Carcinoma

Huke burn and pin burn disease


(Onset of iron deficiency anaemia is generally slow)

Ex-  *koilonychia 

Weakness, spoon shaped nails, fatigue, dyspnea, exertion, malnutrition, pallor skin and mucous membrane.

Tachycardia, colapsic pulse, headache, drowsiness, numbness and tingling sensation in hand, menstruation disturbance, amenorrhea, anorexia, flatulance, nausea and constipation, weight loss.


Ferrous sulphate

Ferrous fumarate

Ferrous gluconate



Hb - decrease

TLC and DLC - usually Normal

MCH and MCHL- decrease

Bone marrow increase erythrocytic

Biochemic finding

Serum iron level is fall below 15

Total iron binding capacity (TIBC) is high.

Serum ferritin is very slow.

Homoeopathic Medicine for Iron deficiency anaemia

  1. Ferrum Phos
  2. Ferrum Met

Ferrum Phos

It is best suited remedy for anaemia.

The typical Ferrum Phos subject is not full of blooded and robust, but nervous, sensitive anaemic with the false plethora and easy flushing of Ferrum.

Prostration marked.

Ferrum Phos helps to increase the haemoglobin.

In pale, aneamic subjects, with violent local congestion.

Anaemia due to haemorrhage, bright from any orifices.

Rush of blood to head.

Ferrum Met

It is best adapted to young weakly person, aneamic and chlorotic with pseudoplethora who flush easily, cold extremities, worse after any effort.

Weakness from mere speaking or walking though looking strong.

Pallor of skin, mucous membranes, face alternating with flushes.

Vertigo on seeing flowing water.

Orgasms of blood to face, chest, head, lungs.

Irregular distribution of blood.

Pseudo plethora.

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician.


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