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Homoeopathic Medicine For Heel Spur
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  •   28-Aug-2023

Homoeopathic Medicine For Heel Spur

A calcaneal spur, commonly known as heel spur, occurs when a bony outgrowth forms on the heel bones.

Calcaneal spurs can be located at the back of the heel (dorsal heel spur) or under the sole (plantar heel spur)

The dorsal spurs are often associated with achilles tendinopathy, while spurs under the soles are associated with plantar fasciitis.

A Heel Spur is a condition where a calcium deposit grow between the heel and arch of the foot.

It is a painful disease of heel bone at the tendon insertion.

The cause of heel spurs can be a muscle and ligament sprain in your foot.

A plantar Heel Spur causes a sensation of " stabbing" pain that is located at the front edge of the sole of the heel



Muscle and ligament sprain

Excessive body weight

Wearing Unfitted shoes

Walking gait issue

Calcium deposition


Sharp pain like a knife in heel at first step in morning

Small, visible bone like protrusion under the heel.

Heat radiating from the affected area 


Tenderness on the bottom of the foot

Dull Ache in the heel throughout the rest of the body.

A bony growth



Ice applying on feet

Anti inflammatory drug

Wearing cushioned sports shoe

Wearing custom made orthotics.

Homoeopathic Medicine For Heel Spur

  1. Arnica
  2. Rhus tox
  3. Calc flour
  4. Ledum pal
  5. Ruta

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician.


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