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Homoeopathic Medicine For Heart Complaint
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  •   15-Aug-2023

Homoeopathic Medicine For Heart Complaint

Homoeopathic medicine for Heart complaint


Digitalis is very good remedy for heart complaint. 

There is weak heart, with any valualar complication.

Sensation as if heart would stop beating if she moved, must hold the breath and keep still.

The least movement causes violent palpitation.

Extremely slow, in

Irregular heart, especially in mitral disease.

Pulse, full, irregular, thready, very slow and weak, intermitting every 3rd, 5th or 7th beat.

Cardiac dropsy

Cardiac failure

Heart tired, after sprain

Aggravation- least motion.

Heart beat is very slow and weak intermitting every 3rd, 5th, 7th beat.

Fright stitches in region of heart.

Angina pectoris

Causation - heart trouble caused by alcohol excess, tobacco.

Concomitant - sudden flush of heat followed by nervous weakness extreme prostration feel.

There is great weakness of chest.

Can not bear to talk.

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician.


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