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Homoeopathic Medicine for Anaemia
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Homoeopathic Medicine for Anaemia

Anaemia is defined as haemoglobin concentration in blood below the lower limit of the normal range for age and sex of individual.

Normal haemoglobin level

In males- 13.8 to 17.2

In females- 12 to 15

Lower extreme of the normal haemoglobin

In adults

Males- 13.0gm/dl

Female- 11.5gm/dl

At birth- 15gm/dl

3 months the normal lower level- 9.5gm/dl

Clinical Feature

The speed of onset of Aneamia

Rapidly progressive anaemia cause more symptom than anaemia of slow onset.

The severity Aneamia

Mild anaemia produce no sign and symptoms. Rapidly developing severe anaemia may produce significant clinical feature.

Hb below - 6.0gm/dl

The age of patient

The young patient due to good cardiovascular compensation tolerate anaemia.

The elderly patient develop cardiac and cerebral symptom more prominently due to associated cardiovascular disease.

The Hb dissociation curve

Symptom- Tolerance, fatigue, muscular weakness, headache.

Older patient- cardiac failure, confusion, visual disturbance.

Anaemia is a blood disorder characterized by reduction in

Decrease red blood cell(RBC) 

Decrease packed cell volume (PCV)

Decrease haemoglobin content.

Generally, reduction in RBC haemoglobin content and PCV occurs because of -

Decrease production of RBC

Increase destruction of RBC

Excess loss of blood from the body.

Etiological classification

Haemorrhagic Anaemia

Hemolytic Anaemia

Nutrition Deficiency Anaemia

Aplastic Anaemia

Anaemia due to chronic disease

Homoeopathic Medicine for anaemia

  1. Ferrum Phos
  2. Ferrum Met

Ferrum Phos

It is highly effective remedy for anaemia.

The typical Ferrum Phos subject is not full of blooded and robust, but nervous sensitive anaemic with false plethora and easily prostration of Ferrum.

Prostration marked.

Ferrum Phos helps to increase the haemoglobin.

In pale aneamic, subjects, violent local congestion.

Anaemia due to haemorrhage, bright from any orifices.

Rush of blood to head.

Ferrum Met

It is best adapted remedy for anaemia.

There is great weakness due to anaemia.

It is best suited to  young weakly person, aneamic and chlorotic, pseudo plethora, who flushes easily, cold extremities, oversensitiveness,  worse after any active efforts.

Vertigo on seeing flowing water.

Weakness from mere  speaking or walking though looking strong.

Pallor of skin, mucous membranes, face alternating with flushes.

Orgasms of blood to head, face, chest, lungs.

Irregular distribution of blood.


Muscle flabby and relaxed.

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician.


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