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Hepatitis B and its Homoeopathic Medicine
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  •   11-Feb-2021

Hepatitis B and its Homoeopathic Medicine

It is an inflammatory disease of liver, caused by hepatitis B virus(HBV), transmitted usually parenterally, and clinically characterized by a long incubation period, prolonged period of illness, often leading on to chronic liver disease such as chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver, in about 5to15 percent of the cases it may even lead to primary hepato- cellular carcinoma.

CFR is about 15 percentage. Thus HBV gives rise to persistent infection, prolonged carrier state and progression to chronic liver disease and even liver cancer.

HBV often makes an alliance with Delta virus and results in Delta- hepatitis, a new threat to the world.

Risk factors

In areas of high prevalence, infection is acquired in the later ages

Incidence of HBV infection is more men than among women.

The high risk occupational surgeon, dentist, nurses, lab technician and blood bank workers.

Incidence is also high among homosexuals, sex workers, IV drug abusers and infants of HBV carrier mother's 

Mode of transmission

Parenteral route 

Percutaneous route

Direct contact

Vertical transmission

Incubation period


Clinical Features

Loss of appetite



Low grade fever




High coloured urine

Light coloured stool


Urticarial rashes

Prevention and control

Sterilization of syringes, needle, catguts, surgical instruments 

Avoid sharing toothbrush, razors, syringes among drug abusers

Screening of blood donors for HBsAg

Avoiding homo sexuality and multiple sexual partners.

Sterilization of instruments 

Homoeopathic Medicine for Hepatitis B

  1. Chelidonium
  2. Thuja
  3. Lycopodium
  4. Podophyllum
  5. Carduus mar

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician.


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