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Chronic Bronchitis is a common condition defined clinically as persistent cough with expectoration on most days for the least 3 months.

The cough is caused by oversecretion of mucus.

Inspite of its name, chronic inflammation of bronchi is not a prominent feature.

The condition are more common in middle aged males than females.

Approximately- 20% of adult mens and 5% of women suffer from chronic bronchitis.

But only a minority of them develop seriously disabling COPD or cor pulmonale.

Quite frequently, chronicles Bronchitis associated with emphysema.


The two most important etiological factors

1. Cigarette smoking

It is most common factor in causation of chronic bronchitis and in emphymea due to heavy smoking.

Heavy cigarette smokers have 4 to 10 time higher proneness to develop chronic bronchitis.


Considerable obstruction of small airway


2. Atmospheric pollution

Chronic Bronchitis is incidence is higher in industrialised urban areas where air is polluted.

Increased risk of developing chronic Bronchitis due to

Sulphur dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide

Particulate dust

Toxic fumes

Other factors

1. Occupation

Cotton mills

Plastic factories

Exposure to various organic and inorganic dust.

2. Infection

Bacterial and viral infections do not initiate Chronic Bronchitis.

3. Familial and Genetic factor

These appear to be a poorly defined familial tendency and genetic predisposition to develop.

It is more likely that non smoker who remain in the air pollution of home are significantly exposed to smoke and carbon monoxide is increased in blood.

Clinical Feature

Persistent cough with copious expectoration.

Recurrent respiratory infection.

Patients are called blue blaster due to cyanosis and oedema.

Feature of cor pulmonale 


Chest x-ray shows enlarged heart with predominant vessels.

Homoeopathic Medicine for Chronic Bronchitis

  1. Antimonium Tart
  2. Bryonia Alba
  3. Kali Bi 
  4. Hepar Sulp

Antimonium Tart

It is best suited remedy for chronic bronchitis.


Great rattling of mucus, but very little expectoration.

Velvety feeling in chest.

Burning sensation in chest, which ascends to throat.

Rapid, short, difficult breathing, seems as if he would suffocate, must sit up.

Coughing and gaping consequently 

Bronchial tubes over loaded with mucus.

Cough excited by eating with pain in chest and larynx.

Much palpitations with uncomfortable hot feeling.

Pulse rapid weak trembling.

Dizziness with cough.

Dyspnea relieved by eructation.

Cough and dyspnea better by lying on right side.

Hepar Sulp

Bryonia is highly effective remedy for bronchitis.

Hoarseness in larynx and trachea.

Cough dry at night

Cough troublesome when walking.

Cough excited when any part of body gets cold or uncovered or from eating whenever anything cold.

Croup with loose, rattling cough, worse in morning.

Choking cough.

Rattling, croaking cough, suffocative attacks   

Kali Bi

The special affinity of this drug is mucus membranes of air-passage.

It is especifically indicated for fleshy, fat, light complexioned person subjects to catarrhal condition or with syphilitic or scrofulous history.

Symptoms worse in morning.

Mucus membranes of every part is affected.

Chronic atonic catarrhal.

Catarrah of pharynx, larynx, bronchi and nose and a tough, stringy, viscid secretion is produced, which condition is very strong guiding symptom of this drug.

Voice hoarse.

Worse in evening.

Metallic hacking cough.

Profuse yellow expectoration.

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician.


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