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It is a skin disease, caused by fungal infection

Tinea is often called ringworm because its shape like a circle. 


  • Tinea Corporis
  • Tinea Cruris
  • Tinea Pedis
  • Tinea Manuum
  • Tinea Capitis
  • Tinea unguium (Onychomycosis)

Tinea Corporis

  • It is a red scaly rash  well defined edges central clearing.
  • It is single or multiple.

Caused by

 Microsporum canis                   

Trichophyton verrucosum

Tinea Cruris

  • It is itchy, erythematous.
  • Raised active edges.
  • Extend - groins to thighs

Caused by- Trichophyton Rubrum.

Tinea Pedis

  • Foot, itchy rash between toes.

Caused by - Anthropophilic fungi

 Tinea Manuum

  • It is a fine scaly.
  • Involved on soles and palm.

Caused by - T. Rubrum

 Tinea Capitis

  • Location- scalp
  • It is common in children.
  • Cattle ringworm.

Caused by -T. Verrucosum

                    Microsporum audouinii

Tinea unguium (Onychomycosis)

  • Yellow, brown nail discoloration
  • Crumbling
  • Thickening

Homoeopathic Remedies For Tinea

  1. Rhus tox
  2. Dulcamara
  3. Sulphur
  4. Graphites
  5. Croton tig
  6. Tellurium

Rhus tox

Tinea, surface raw, excoriated, burning, itching and scratching,the more they scratch, the greater the urgency to scratch.

Skin stiff, thick, dry, hot, burning, itching all over, < on hairy parts.

Great sensitive to open air.

Red shining skin, covered with small painful white vesicles.


Aggravation from getting wet while perspiring or hot, cold wet rainy weather, cold open air, draft before a strom, uncovering at night, especially after midnight, during rest, icy cold drinks.

Ameliorate by warm dry weather, wrapping up, warm or hot drinks, warm application, rubbing, hot bath.


Dulcamara is best suited remedy for tinea, especially in damp weather.

Ringworm, on hair, in children.

Delicate, sensitive to cold.

Affection caused by taking cold when the air changes suddenly from dry and warm to cold.


Aversion to food and coffee

Aggravation from cold in general, cold damp weather, cold air, at night, hot days and cold nights, being chilled while hot, uncovering.

Amelioration by moving about, from warmth, warm air, walking, dry weather.


Sulp is very useful remedy for tinea.

Burning of the skin of whole body.

Hot flushes during day time.

Skin affection that have been treated by local medication.

Skin is painfully sensitive to air, wind, washing.

Itching, violent at night from heat of bed, scratching and washing "feels good to scratch; scratching causes burning.(by Azad Rai)


It is best suited to the women of climacteric age, fat, fair, flabby, suffering from habitual constipation and takes cold easily.

Its chief action is on the skin especially at flexors or fold of skin, muco-cutaneous junction, behind the ears.

Unhealthy skin.

Rawness in the fold of skin

Discharges are thin, foul, scanty and acrid.

Skin dry, rough, irritable that breaks easily and exudes a gluey moisture and slow to heal.

Its action on skin produce degenerative changes manifestation of various kind of skin eruption from which oozes a watery transparent and sticky fluide.

Indurated base and margins, with burning.

Aggravation - warmth, draft of cold air, suppression of eruption and secretion.

Amelioration from wrapping up, open air.

The selection of homoeopathic remedies based on symptom similarities and doses according to the Susceptibility of patient.

Don't take homoeopathic medicine without any prescription / without any advise of physician.


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